Limited Lifetime Warranty


Arrow Arms LLC will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any part which is found to be defective in material or workmanship.  Normal component wear is not covered under this warranty.  Modifications made to this firearm will void your warranty.  The firearm must be returned to Arrow Arms for warranty.  You must include a statement of the defect with the firearm that you wish repaired along with a copy of the original purchase receipt.  Be sure to include contact information and a return shipping address with the rifle.

This constitutes all warranties with respect to this firearm.  Arrow Arms LLC expressly disclaims any other warranty, expressed or implied, including warranties for merchantability or fitness for purpose.

Arrow Arms is not responsible for any shipping charges or damage claims incurred as a result of a warranty claim.

Please be sure to follow the procedures for troubleshooting in the user manual before returning for warranty.  Rifles returned for warranty that simply could have been remedied by the procedures in the user manual will incur a charge for repair.

 Please use only reliable factory ammunition in your rifle.  Improperly reloaded ammunition may damage your rifle and cause bodily harm.  Arrow Arms reserves the right to void the warranty on this rifle if it is damaged as a result of improperly loaded ammunition.  Arrow Arms rifles are caliber marked on the barrel and or the upper receiver.  Please use the correct ammunition for your rifle.  Note:  Rifles marked with 308AA on the barrel are .308 Arrow caliber rifles.

Before returning an Arrow Arms product for warranty, please send an e-mail to Arrow Arms at  Include the following information: your contact information, serial number, date of purchase, selling dealer, and a complete description of what is wrong with the product.